Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Work?

Letting Geek Solutionz do your homework, test, quiz is easy. It takes a few simple steps.

  1. Submit an assignment for pricing or provide login for online assignments. To give you a price quote, I need to see the assignment or related assignments in the case of an exam. Solutions are significantly more time consuming and are higher priced than just providing the correct answers.
  2. I can give you a package price for taking a whole online class for you but all assignments must be available for completion so I can open them and see the difficulty and number of problems. I cannot give price if the online login is not provided or the class hasn’t started yet.
  3. Send payment with the secure methods specified in my email. In the case of many assignments, you can pay for a single assignment first to see that I deliver and then pay for the rest.
  4. Within the agreed time frame, I will send back the completed answers or solutions. Online assignments will be completed for you.

Getting an A has never been this simple!

Can You Hire Someone To Do Your Homework Legitimately?

Looking for someone to take your online test, exam, or class is completely legit! Contemporary education is rather redundant and life wasting. It forces you to take many classes that are completely tangential to your major. In your actual job, you often end up using less than 1% of what you learned in those. It is a huge waste of time so let me simplify your life and take that burden off your chest!

Are Your Prices Negotiable?

The price for completing an assignment for you is proportional to the time and stress it saves you. One assignment may save you days of work and completing a full course saves you months. I will get you scores close to 100% that are not possible for most people even after months of expensive tutoring. I do provide price reduction for significant number of assignments or whole online classes.

Do You Really Have Money Back Gaurantee?

Yes. I have the highest level of education from Ivy League Universities. I have been a private tutor in Math, Stats, and Physics for over 15 years. As a result, it is easy for me to make this guarantee because I am confident in my problem solving abilities.

When Is Payment Due?

Your payment is due after I email you a price quote. I start working after payment is sent. I usually do not work at night so if your deadline is approaching, it is best to send payment as soon as possible to allow for enough time to complete your assignments. I charge higher prices for assignments submitted a few hours before their deadline that often force me to drop everything else and work at odd hours.