Frequently Asked Questions

PH.D. Math help since 2015

Yes, I offer a FREE trial to all new customers – I will solve 10 online homework questions completely FREE so they can experience the quality of my service stress-free.

Other sites hire the tutors and you pay double: first to the tutor and then then same amount to the marketing/customer service people. I know that because I worked as a top math genius at such a site.

To assure you of the quality of my services, I will solve 10 online homework questions for you completely FREE. My site has been in business since 2015 and you stay that long in business only by providing excellent service. I also do not have a single negative review for all these years or fake positive reviews like other sites.

Since I started in 2015, I have been advising my customers to not leave reviews out of concern for their privacy. Instead of reviews, some of which may be fake, I offer you a FREE trial of 10 online homework questions so you can experience my service risk-free.

Always A grades:

I guarantee 100% on online homework with multiple trials per question.

I guarantee between 90-100% on online quizzes or tests with a single trial per question but often get 100% on those too.

If I fail to deliver the score that I promise, you will get a full refund. This has never happened since I started in 2015.

I do equally well General Math, Algebra, Statistics, Calculus and Physics.

I don’t do Finance, Economics, Chemistry, Biology, History etc.

I accept secure Zelle online payments. Most US banks have Zelle and it is completely free. If you don’t have Zelle, I accept PayPal.

Single assignments are usually completed a few hours after payment. Please request pricing for important tests such as Midterm or Final Exams at least 2 days in advance, to make sure I reserve a time slot for it.

It usually takes me a few days to a week of intensive work to complete a whole online course. Please contact me for a price quote at least 1 week before your online class is ending.

Yes, absolutely! I NEVER share you login/password and contact information with anyone. I will also use a proxy server near your usual location to login to your online class. I’ve NEVER had a problem since I started in 2015.

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