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To assure you that my site is legit, I will complete 10 online homework questions completely FREE – answers only, no step by step work will be shown. New customers only.

This offer applies only to online homework questions, not quizzes or tests.

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    After I view ALL questions in your assignment (or ALL related homework sets if this is a Quiz or a Test), I determine the price proportionally to:

    1. The number of questions

    2. The average question difficulty

    3. The assignment type: homework vs quiz/test.

    4. The requested type of solutions, if any.

    Tests or quizzes are more difficult to get an A on, so they are higher priced than homework sets.

    Requesting handwritten solutions drastically increases the completion time and hence the price. The most expensive are typed solutions because an excessive amount of time is spent on typing mathematical notation in Word.

    My service is highly RELIABLE and worth every penny, considering all the STRESS and TIME it saves you as well as the top A grades that I achieve for you.
    If you want to save money, you can complete part of the work yourself and leave the harder parts to me.