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To assure you that my site is legit, I will complete your first 10 online math homework questions completely FREE – answers only, no step by step work will be shown. New customers only.

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Quick and easy process – request a quote on your assignments and a few hours after payment your math hw is ready with an A!

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Send me your homework, quiz or test through the Contact page (or any button). For online assignments, please provide login details and the assignment name. Make sure to mention your deadline.

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I reply with a quote within 30 mins. I will go over your homework and give you the total cost proportional to its difficulty, number of questions, required solutions, and the assignment type: homework or quiz/test.

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I accept secure Zelle or PayPal payments. A few hours after payment, I will email you a screenshot report with the achieved top score/grade and any solutions. I guarantee A grades or your money back! I also write math projects or essays in Excel and Word.

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Online Aleks Algebra Course
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Hire someone to do my Math homework

Why should you pay someone to do your math assignments? Unlike other math geniuses, I have a real Ph.D. and have been doing Algebra, Statistics, and Physics, homework, quizzes and tests since 2015. I guarantee A grades on your math assignment or your money back. I offer affordable prices because you are not paying to a middle man who hires tutors, like at the other companies.

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Take my Math class for me

Regardless of your academic level, you can pay Geek SolutionZ to take your online Math Class for you with amazing scores! If you are failing a math course due to complex concepts, get in touch with me to have it completed in a few days. I will boost your GPA and get it as close to 100% as possible. My course completion service has a competitive price and is highly reliable – many of my customers hire me repeatedly to do all of their math classes until their graduation.

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Take my Math test for me online

Geek SolutionZ can do your online and printed math tests for you! I am familiar with all online platforms, including:

Why would I hire someone to take my class for me?

You may be wondering: Is it legal to hire someone to do my math homework or take my math class for me? Yes, it is – this is what private tutors do anyways, but much less efficiently. You may not have the time for extensive assignments if you are a busy mom with multiple jobs. You may not need it in your job if you are a nurse or a psychology student. An adult learner with a family and a career may just need to pass the class to finish their degree, not learn how to factor polynomials. A college student may not like the required course that is far removed from their subject and just wants to enjoy the college life. In all these cases, it is best to hire an expert like me to complete your homework, take your math test, or an entire class for you. Even in the case where the homework is completed for you, my step-by-step solutions allows you to understand the concepts behind the answers which separates the level of quality you receive from any other online service and assignment helpers. 

Why Choose Geek SolutionZ

Wide expertise in College Math assignments

I have been one of the top math gurus at another company and have decades of experience in diverse math-based classes such as Finite Math, Algebra, Statistics, Calculus and Physics (please visit the corresponding pages). I have taught the same subjects at College level and know exactly what your instructor expects in your handwritten solutions. Hire me to ensure you get top A grades and Ph.D. quality solutions, which sets me levels above other math assignment help services. The #1 choice for math homework is Geek SolutionZ!

Don’t pay double!

Other sites charge 100% markup because you pay the math tutor and then the same amount to the administrative/marketing staff. That essentially doubles the price and because of that tutors leave those companies, just like I did. At Geek SolutionZ, you work directly with me without the middle man! This allows for better pricing, higher quality work and direct access to your math homework solutions. It’s why hundreds of happy students return to me as their online math expert.

Urgent math help

I am often asked “Can you take my math test for me in 2 hours?”. I’ve completed tests for that little time with an A while still providing you with ample time to review my work and turning in your homework on time before the deadline. However, for future assignments, please make orders at least a day before your deadline, especially for Midterm or Final Exams.

Privacy and security

Your personal details will NEVER be shared with any other parties. For your protection, I always login through a proxy server near your usual location. Emails are deleted every 3 months. I never had a problem, since I started offering “do my homework” service in 2015.

How much will it cost to pay someone to do my homework?

After you email me or give online access to ALL problems in your homework (or the related homework sets, if this is a quiz/test), I determine the price for your “pay someone to do my math homework” order according to:

1. The difficulty of problems

2. The number of problems

3. The type of the assignment (quiz/test vs homework)

4. The form of the required solutions, if any.

Tests and quizzes are more difficult to take with an A and thus at a higher cost than a homework. Writing handwritten homework answers with explanations or typed solutions increases the cost, since completing the math paper/essay takes much longer, especially when typing math notation.

Geek SolutionZ can help with the following math assignment subjects

As a math homework expert, I have extensive experience and offer my grade guarantee at all levels, from college math homework assignments to taking your math class for you entirely. I deliver high-quality work, affordable pricing, and accurate solutions in the following subjects:

Any Questions?

Please visit my Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Can ChatGPT do my math hw?

ChatGPT will not give you reliable math solutions because it is a language model trained on text from Internet, not on doing math. It is much more effective to hire an expert to do your homework like Geek SolutionZ. ChatGPT cannot provide correct and detailed solutions like I am able to.

ChatGPT understands a question i.e. relates it to a text on Internet but is not able to fill in correctly the details or to verify the solution it concocts by combining such solutions found on forums. Because of that, it often “hallucinates” i.e. makes wrong statements and generates incorrect solutions.

So can ChatGPT do your math homework? It can solve simple algebra homework math tasks but you should always double check those. Anything more complex than that and it completely breaks down and will very confidently give you an incorrect solution. Check out my Geek SolutionZ YouTube video where I had to correct ChatGPT solution for the convergence of an infinite series (Calculus II):

How to use Wolfram Alpha to check my homework answers?

Wolfram Alpha is an expert math system that can be used to check answers of all types of math problems. Wolfram Alpha covers from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and statistics. While Wolfram Alpha is a powerful tool, it can only give you an answer and in more complicated problems will not give you a solution so it pays to hire an expert like Geek SolutionZ to do your math homework.

Check out a few videos from my GeekSolutionZ YouTube channel showing how to use Wolfram Alpha in Algebra, Business Calculus, Calculus 1 and Calculus 2:

Algebra – use to carbon-date a fossil. Carbon dating is based on an exponential decay model and in problems with a given half-life I prefer to use base 2 for the model, as in this video, since the half-life appears directly in the exponent. Most Algebra textbooks use the natural logarithm base e, which is less straightforward:

Business Calculus – use Wolfram Alpha to calculate Elasticity of Demand and maximize the Revenue.

Calculus 1: use Wolfram Alpha to construct the tangent line to a complicated curve by using implicit differentiation.

Calculus 2 –  use Wolfram Alpha to check convergence of an infinite series.